Jom Beraya!!

it’s been a party for me, every weekend.

3 weeks ago, i took part in a yellow parade. It was a celebration of our rights to vote, you know the right that made you feel like, finally, I’m an adult, I get to choose who to represent me as my government. And the yellow parade wishes for that system to be fair, so that my long-awaited right will not be in vain.

But some folks were not happy, that I can not just vote, but ask it to be fair. It is a scary deal to them- this thing called fairness.

A fellow parader interesting account:

The best answer to why Malaysians should be willing to bear these
inconveniences and disruptions comes not from me but from a gentleman I saw
at the Bersih rally.

He went on his own accord to many cars stuck in the jam that day and
personally apologized to the occupants. One car had a few small children and
I heard him tell the father, “Sir, I apologise for the inconvenience this is
causing you, but this is being done”, and he points to the children in the
car, “so that they have a future in this country.”

Al-jazeera video account:


2 weeks ago i went downtown to avenue K and ampang, to party with some hindu friends, toasting to their long history and contribution to the progress i enjoy today, wishing they will get their fair due.

some folks felt left out, i guess, so they joined in, bringing instead of beer, chemical-laced water; instead of fire-crackers, gasses of tears; instead finger-food; batons; instead of a cheery spirit; an air of thug-like intimidation.

they were really sour for not being on the guest list.

my dear friend wrote an account:

another friend made a video of her photos:


the party last night was a toast to Human Rights, a great person, someone who is essentially ours and whom will never leave our side.

unless of course she is being drag away, arrested, put behind bars.

and they did that. yesterday. On her birthday.

my dear friend took a video account:


i’m experiencing the usual syndrome after a party right now- body aches, heavy head and a very stretched but far from beaten spirit. All I can say now is this:

they are taking the left, the activists, the lawyers,
the folks who made sure that no matter who you are,
you never stand alone.

if you don’t stand by them now,
when they come for you,
there will be no one left to stand by you.

Or to quote a friend:

let’s party like it’s 1987!!




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