Mana batik?

really, i asked, what’s the big deal about puan endon’s pet? they didn’t say a word, they just show me…

horror batik.JPG

Florecent litted batik in a dark room, and its middle lie a sarong buai, just like the one i used to sleep in. i walk to see if there is a baby in there, there can’t be, but there is.

faces of batik.JPG

faces marked on cloth, on you and me, of you and me, memories we carved on people.

batik berterbang.JPG

batik di angkasa 1.JPG

we must not forgot to send our batiks into space, with our spaceman, to cover, i mean show our pride.

dance batik dance.JPG

dance batik dance, it moved me in ways i couldn’t comprehend, it was silent and i heard music with my eyes.

dance of batik.JPG

from within the capsule of sound, i lay on the pillow watching time color by, in dizziness, i lost myself, happily.

The Mana Batik Exhibition revived in me hopes in what i fear was dying in Malaysia, especially in recent events, it revived such love for beauty, art and truth that could only stems from deep sincere intelligence of the people that no shallow governance could ever grasps. it reminds me of the wisdom that would continue to stand unwaveringly, for stupidity and fear is no match for love and truth.

I strongly recommend you to experience this exhibition and be revived. well,you are guarantee to at least be entertained. 🙂 it is being held at Annexe, Central Market, 11am to 7pm everyday, ending on 30 th dec.

-next up i’ll picking flowers, you know, to put in the pockets. till then, happy partying, in or out of jail.


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