Saya budak masih belajar…

jom kita belajar sama sama, macam mani bikin filem…dalam 3 hari! Jan 18-20 kat PWTC!! click on the picture below.

well i fall under the Youth category, not the Renown one. that’s the other 2 filmmakers and the celebrities. 🙂

it is definitely my first taste at making an express cup of film, cast on the first day, shoot on the 2nd, edit and complete film by 3rd night. so come come, be entertained with my stumbling about, or learn from the other 2 seniors, or check out a whole lot of other stuff going at the event!

lastly, for my short, i’m casting a girl (18-28) of Indian ethnicity -Malaysian Indian or Sri Lankan descent or Tamil Nadu or Bangladeshi or Nepalese or African Indian, doesn’t matter, i don’t discriminate… that much. 🙂 so come and tell your friends about it! You’ll be acting side by side with Razif, of 8tv quickie and Gol and Gincu fame!! (another first for me, 😛 directing Stars, worry, worry.)

But one thing is for sure- we’ll have fun!! Lots of fun!! so see you there!

Youth'08 The Movies FA.jpg


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. teckwyn
    Jan 16, 2008 @ 11:51:45

    Hey, I spotted you on Mkini – producer jadi pelakon! 🙂


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