of much winds of change that came to our shore recently, it also brought some thunderstorms…from which we might learn to weave silver linings

– to the new Chief Minister of Selangor whom i’ve helped put in place but have arrogantly made similarly stupid comments reminiscent of the old administration regarding zero squatters, migrants levy and accused Suaram of being unpatrotic reminded me that i may rejoice in the change but struggles for justice should be forever vigilant.

– with the loss, old admin step up psedo security measures as if in revenge, to scare folks from street hawkers to refugees communities with very frequent raidings by rela and relevant authorities. sadly, they have yet to learn from the guidance of the people, that brute force is not a solution, that poverty and refugee issue cannot be solved by jailing people, but a more positive consultative effort is required to help build this nation together. it is not that we don’t have the expertise to deal with such complex nation building issues, the civil society are here ready to be tapped. so tap. and if you wanted revenge, you really got it on the wrong folks, the poor hawkers most likely didn’t have time to vote and the refugees and migrants couldn’t vote. pick someone your own size, pick the middle and upper class educated folks who actually booted you out! we’ll just blog about it, tell international press, make videos and see you in court.

–  attending the hearing at Irene Fernandez appeal at high court today, the judge sited possible reasons for the (more than 1000 pages) of papers missing from her file as: it’s quite hard to move 77 courtrooms, and since we are humans, things will be misplaced. that my friend, is the distinguished judiciary of Malaysia for you, not mentioning the fact that the judge was more than an hour late and noone  can reprimand him. imagine a doctor being an hour late for surgery, someone has died. is the judge work less crucial? people’s lives is at stack here.

– that activists whom in serving, fighting for the everyday people, constantly being called up, being available to help at all times, has not the time to take care of their own life and health. to the heroes of the people, to my dear friends and mentors, i raise my glass to the world you have shaken and stirred, and your legacy to the people that mattered, will never be forgotten. in your tracks, i will continue the good fight. we all, have to continue the good fight, no longer for our own sake, because life is too short, but for the future’s sake; because life is too short, to live meaninglessly, to not fall in love deeply with this world and give everyday, every person our very best shot!

-you inspire me-


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