Bahaskan bangsa.

It isn’t everyday you get to watch a darn good play.

It isn’t everynight you get to watch a darn good movie.

I did both, on a stretch.

The play ‘Race’ consists of 4 short plays directed by Soefira and Kim took this overspoken, overused, overbearing yet still very pertinent issue of race by the collar, pull it close to our face and laugh. But the story of ‘angsa’ was quietly disturbing, it cannot help but be disturbing when a little kid bear the ‘fruit’ of society’s carefully and well mannered sowed hatred, more so disturbing that the kid died from it. ‘pringles’ the annoying neighbor’s dog was very déjà vu, I’m sure I’ve heard my relatives, neighbors or acquaintance who’ve said similar racist sentiments that begins with ‘i’m not racist but it’s just that …’ racism is so passé, we know that, but sometimes we don’t know that racism has been imbedded in us that it became so natural for us to say ‘ you are as lazy as…you are as greedy as…you are as violent as…’ without thinking, and sometimes, with thinking that it is true, and when we were challenged, we go into denial, into defensive. We want to forget that we know lazy people the same color as we are, we know greedy people the same color that we are, we know violent people the same as we are. We want to believe that we are better, that others, company present exempted, are just not as good in this race of superiority.
But honestly, we would all prefer to sing and dance, in unison at times, differently at time, but preferably in joy, all the time.

‘the great debaters’ directed by and starring Denzel Washington also speak of race, coupled with workers’ union, communism and God. Inspired by a true story of a small black’s college- Wiley College’s debate team that rose to win the heart of the all white Harvard College, in a time where black and white were separated in America and negros were still lynched in Texas. They were coached by their teacher who moonlights as the workers organizer. ‘an unjust law is no law, it is my duty to resist it. With violence or civil disobedience, you better pray it is the latter.’ Says the closing speech.

Oppression has a great impact that last for centuries, till today the African Americans still have a hard time overcoming the victim mentality. In the same light, the Orang Asli and the Indian communities in Malaysia suffers the same thing. I spoke to a friend, in regards to overbearing dictatorship of some parents, that the kid will usually become either very docile and submissive or a complete rebel. That is a small-scale version of oppression. It is the same with sexism and all forms of discrimination.

So before we hurl an insult, even when disguised as a joke or sarcasm, remember that any discriminating act will have a long and dire impact and repercussion on humanity – our community.


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  1. adam
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 16:06:23

    aw heck i missed out


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