If I rule the world/nation

one night as the stupidity of society and the world was keeping me awake, i just had to come up with my own list of duh the most logical stuff to do as a leader. i know, logic isn’t a prerequisite to be a leader in this country or in most.

If I rule the world/nation:
1. Free and good health care for all
2. Free and good education for all, emphasize on art and sports
3. Strict environmental policy for all, strict reduce, reuse and recycle.
4. Strict non-discrimination policy for all
5. Welfare for the unemployed
6. Subsidized basic necessities like shelter and food for the poor
7. Min wage
8. Efficient public transports for all
9. Transparent and participatory governing processes
10. Freedom of religion or beliefs
11. Freedom of expression, assemblies and associations
12. Unions or marriage, for all, freedom of sexuality
13. High taxes for luxury items
14. No borders/immigration
15. Single currency for the world
16. No guns, nuclear and all weapons of destructions
17. Abolish death penalty
18. Less jails, more rehab, counseling and community work
19. Well trained and people centered police force
20. Sustainable economy and of all industries.

Actually, if I rule the world/nation, I’d just get rid of government or big establishment because people can rule themselves, neighbors and friends can take care of each other better then a distant looming administration filled with different folks every 5 years but in the same foolish system. If the system wasn’t foolish, the above 20 criteria would have been fulfilled long time ago.

if you are stressed out by work, bureaucracy, idiotic governance policy like the lack of above, debt etc i recommend reading of ‘How to be Free’ by Tom Hodgkinson. it helps me feel lots better and give excellent practical solutions too!!


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