sejak itu…

since then.

since the intense feeling of being forced into a dark caged corner, wanting to break free, of this country (or just the ruling elites, mainstream media and archaic institutions) endless insult to my intelligence and dignity.

Since the years of struggling to want to bring change here, failing (?), nudged (more like push over the cliff) me towards looking for opportunity to leave, study perhaps so I may look at the world with bright playful eyes again.

since the passing of a dear friend, mentor and inspiration and a tsunami of turmoil in waves, tied me like a rock to the bottom, readied my soul to be sold to commercial capitalist (for money that will never be enough) just so I could run away furthest from that pains me most (possibly which I love most)- the idea of equality.

since the last play, which was the first.

since the documentary that started when i left my last job and stays on as i enter my new one.

New home, a house I rent with friends, liberal artistic friends. Friends always welcome to stay. Friends have come from around the world. Friends has blessed new home with haikus, music and laughter.

I help nurse a stray cat called Rebound with a dear friend, which in turn I think nurse us more, give us a reason to come home that few evenings, something to do, a direction away from pain, and when we reach, were received with warm mewings.

A play, the play that distracted me from the ridiculous politics that wrenches me; that allows me to do a piss-take on it. Cathartic. New friends, brilliant actors, new way to tell stories. It feels good to try something new.

Slowly, slowly I seem to find that I can stand up again. And when I can’t, I sit in the swing in the playground and just play. And the sky can be amazingly blue after a storm.

An offer to rejoin the quest for justice, I never left, really, perhaps?. Picking up my rainbow flag and flower power that was moulding in the attic of since then; I say ‘this time, it just might be my time!’

Facilitating an entire Freedom Film Fest session in Johor; the audience that keep coming back for more, the conversations after the films, the sharing between cultures, states, countries, the sense that we are together in this desire for a better world. The things films can do, and that I understand, I smiled.

I have just joined the EngageMedia team as the South East Asia Content and Training Coordinator.
If you make meaningful films or wants to know what that is, surf with me, with us at 🙂
It is a caravan of filmmakers (anyone that makes videos) that loves too much and fears too little!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chrischoong
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 22:38:50

    hey mien, somehow… i am very inspired by this post… and it draws me back from the many conspicuous, illusionary material distractions this world has to offer… all the best in your new role!


  2. mienly
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 14:23:03

    🙂 yes, the elite capitalists has pump millions to make sure we are distracted constantly from the fact that we are humans first, money-milking cows after. it’s good to remind each other sometimes what it means to be manusia. thanks for the encouragement! 🙂


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