dalam 10 minit.

i’ve 10 minutes to jot/sum/tell/share the past 6 days of my life in Cape Town, from Feminist Tech Exchange to AWID 2008.

so i’m just do something like TAG CLOUD, muahha something i’ve learn from FTX as well.

here goes, from the top of my head, will come and elaborate later:

“i believe in feminism, like how some people believe in god.” Nadine, Lebanon





Social movement/philanthrophy capitalism/back to basic/personal stories/feminist practice in technology/ feminist films/participatory video/digital storytelling/feministic family/

‘if god wanted lesbian to have kids, he wouldn’t have created men.’- hmm, he wouldn’t have created lesbians/queers/straight impotent ppl/disables etc too huh…

in Florida, the Obama phenomenon resulted in amendments to make gay couples recgonised in the law stop due to the mass black ppl who came out to vote and they are still quite conservative…

can a family have 3 or more parents?

that’s all for now, running to another session. ciao.

just to say that i’m so so excited to be at the largest feminist gathering in the world, and it’s also the biggest conference i’ve participated in, so many amazing people in such a beautiful Cape Town, it’s just giler babi best!!


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