jangan undi.

‘quitting your job, refusing to vote, not taking pharmaceutical drugs; these are not acts of apathy but of radical re-engagement with society and with your own self. ‘

‘it is, in actual fact, lazy and apathetic to be employed, to vote, and to take Prozac, because in doing these things we are handing control over our lives to others and implicitly accepting that we are more or less useless unless we contort our very selves to conform to a pre-plan model of how we should act.’

page 203-204, Chapter- in praise of melancholy, HOW TO BE FREE by Tom Hodgkinson.

the more i read this book, the more i think this man can read my mind…hmm what do you think? 🙂

also there is a difference in not voting cos you never bothered and not voting cos you understand how fuck up the political machinery is, and it just won’t work that way.

no point ‘breaking rules’ that you didn’t know you broke eh.it is definitely more fun and radical to ‘break the rules’ after you know them. consciously. look into its eyes without fear. and then smile and (hand in the resignation letter. put in that blank vote. down camomile tea instead of prozac) walk away. knowing you can. and that at the end of the day, your life belongs to you.


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