Hilang tiket tempat letak kereta

(this post is backdated to this morning 1am)

I lost my parking ticket in Midvalley, the shopping mall just now, 2 hours ago. And I had to pay an extortion fine of RM 50. I wasted an hour of my time getting lost, looking for an atm and looking for the way back to where I park my car- the exit and also the place one pays to get out. Do you remember what floor the exit is at? Neither do I. It’s the kind of info that is not important until you lost the ticket.

Who ask me to lose the ticket? First thing I ask and blame. Myself. Shame at being a fool fills me up then I stop. Am I really to be blamed here?

Who took the rainforest away? The rainforests, trees to shade me and my friends tracking into the jungle watching the animals, snuggling up together watching the sun sets. The rainforests that would not charge me and my friends and the animals anything. The rainforests that belong to us all for free, who took it all away? And in it’s place, built a money milking facility. Without paying or even asking anyone of us?

Who then lure us with banal entertainment that makes us think less and consume more? Because we didn’t have enough money to build proper libraries and conserve natural heritage and parks but we sure have lots for capitalists destructive projects. My apologies if you think paying to be more stupid is actually a sign of progress. Those same people that built that, build the houses that caused landslides too. They are from the same school, it’s called Profit before People House of Commerce. That results in few places else for friends to gather and meet. Of course it means I am also saying that I am stupid to have gone there anyway. I love my friends and love makes us stupid sometimes.

Who then gets paid by the consumers, gets paid by the tenants renting their spaces and still makes money for leaving your transport immobile for a while as you spend your money for them inside?

Who then doesn’t provide decent public transport to such popular places (it’s not even just for the rich, the poor migrant workers also have no other place to go but to malls to spend their hard earns) and profits from the cars sold and pollutions made and petrol wars and soil erosions?

Can you hear the bank machine counting money as we go through this? They are counting your money behind the counter, lots of money, and you will never see them again unless you work your bone to arthritism every day every week every month every year till you drop dead. And you will work. Because they tell you it is the only thing that are keeping the economy and you alive. Actually it’s the only thing that keeps them (actually, their BMWs and 2 bungalows) alive and keeps us in line. But see, if that formula actually works, we wouldn’t be facing an economy crisis now would we?

Who then makes us work 6 or more hours a day or more just for enough to survive (while they earn by the billions) and so have little time left for friendships and families. That made us decide to go to someplace convenient and nearer cos the closest park or beach or hill that would be free is like half a day journey away, that means cars and more petrol. And the places nearer and more convenient are none other that Get All You Can As Long As You Spend malls.

In the spirit of anarchy I rebelled against this system by having house parties often, where my friends can come, by lrt easily, by car if they choose and can park for free, conveniently not questioned by guards cos we deserve that privacy( crimes rates goes up because of poverty and lousy police force that only appears promptly if there are protesters, keeping visitors license aint gonna do it, it’s just another excuse to make you pay for the security guards that doesn’t even speak local languages), food and drinks are served for free, even cooked lovingly, by some friends who can afford it and want to share while others who doesn’t have money is equally welcomed and they would play guitars, tell jokes, play games or perform poetry for entertainment, for free. Of course money were spent to buy that pasta or rice or drinks that were brought and rent and electricity for the place but the point is, if any one of us don’t have money, we can still enjoy it all here, that money are secondary to people.

Have house parties.


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