imbas kembali tahun ini…

Klue asked me some question for their Jan issue, conveniently, i used this opportunity to reflect back on what happen this year, well, just to me. for world reflections, you may visit major news site.

What was your 2008 resolution? How is it any different from this year?

I quit my full time work in a local ngo in dec 2007, I still lovingly visit it now and again. The people there has made me much of who I am today and I will always be grateful for that. I was hoping to cut it as a filmmaker for 2008. I had some interesting commissioned work like making a short film for YouthMalaysia and a documentary on refugees for Suaram ( it’s called Running, watch out for it!) but it wasn’t enough to survive financially.

I jump on to the election bandwagon early this year, joining forces with other activists, artists and Mak Bedah who cares for participatory politics for all at Women Candidacy Initiative.

In June, a friend and a mentor to most of us in the civil society and arts movement- Toni Kassim passed away.  her birthday is today, to which on behalf of my entire existence i say ‘thank you world, for having giving us her.’

I started living off the love of friends towards mid-2008. Thank you, you kind people who open up wallet without that look of ‘shit, is she ever gonna be able to pay back!’ and who bought me lunch or dinner or tea just to get by the day. Who gives me a tight hug and say ‘ don’t worry about it, it will get better.’

Along the way, I went to trainings like Transmission Asia-Pacific (TXAP), , where geeks and activist-filmmakers meet to work out how internet can amplify the work of activism in this region; and Feminist Tech Exchange where we trained feminists on using video, among other technology to further the cause of equality.

It was also my first attempt at directing play during August to September. A play called ‘The Saga of the Mok Mansion’ for Short and Sweet KL. It was an eye-opening experience, and I hope to try something new every year.

TXAP organizers- were looking to expand their staff and ask me to apply. I happily joined them as their South East Asia Training and Content Coordinator in October. So if you make or know anyone who makes critical films, do let me know!

Currently involved with KataGender in The Tomboy Photo Project, lovingly tag ‘we are proud of our women just the way they are!’ in respond to all the hype about how women should behave or dress.

I also help organized Filmmakers Anonymous, an uncurated short films screenings, one was held recently at Arts For Grabs at the Annexe.

Also at the same event, I dogwalk for the first time publicly in an anti-fashion show called ‘Tomboys and Angels’, and that definitely ended my 2008 with such a high note that i’m sure even heaven (if there’s such thing) can hear! Woo hoo!! Bring on 2009!!!

Make a film.


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