Makan lagi burger tu!

Farish Noor wrote an interesting piece on Gaza and the Liberals’ apprehension to boycott. i hereby paste a part of the article for your viewing pleasure, i suggest you read the full article here.

something for you to ponder as you queue up for the over priced coffee, the over sugared gas drink and the badly made piece of meat called burger. seriously, there are better things in life you can spend on, like me!


I am stunned when I read and hear liberals say things like “what about the poor people working at fast food restaurants? And who will take care of them?” Well for a start I don’t think that working as cheap labour frying burgers or cleaning toilets counts as much of a career path in the first place. And we need to ask ourselves how and why we have allowed ourselves to slip into this precarious situation where we have become so dependent of companies that seek cheap, unskilled labour, to make up for the responsibilities of the state in the first place. In other societies – such as some of the states in India that have resisted the entry of multinationals – local governments and societies have been forced to remain resilient and imaginative in finding and creating job opportunities for their citizens rather than allowing them to be bought as cheap workers on a temporary basis.

The net result of our skewered development over the past three decades has led to the state of economic, cultural and mental dependency we see around us today. But the fact is this: Our rapid development that was unsustainable in the first place was bound to incur a cost on us sooner or later. And today, while facing this crisis in Gaza and not being able to act decisively, we can see how such economic dependency has led to psycho-social and political bondage as well.

Nobody ever said that reclaiming our rights as consumers and our dignity as a people with a culture and history was going to be easy; but the whinging of liberals who are ever-so-scared of losing their burgers and lattes does send a bitter taste down my throat. The figure of deaths in Gaza has passed the seven hundred mark, with more than three thousand wounded and injured. And yet all we can talk about is whether a boycott would work, while the liberals froth at the mouth and stare at their feet. This, then, is the end-result of an uneven developmental model that we should have been more circumspect about from the beginning.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jibon
    Jan 20, 2009 @ 07:27:26

    quit,i will still have my prosperity burger..


    • mienly
      Jan 20, 2009 @ 08:39:19

      well, i can’t stop you, nobody can…i can only hope the dead spirits of the war victims will haunt u in ur sleep 🙂


  2. cakapaje
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 12:29:37


    Jika tidak keberatan, harap dapat sign petisyen meminta siasat jenayah perang di Gaza – ada di blog saya. Dan harap dapat panjangkan lagi. Terima kasih.

    ps. saya menyinggah dari Farish Nor.


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