Kita tidak lupa berpuisi walaupun dalam perang…

sidetracking, amist, while, in war on Gaza, Burma, Sri Lanka and many parts of the world, countries, villages and neighborhood. we drew in defiance, sing in protest, and Speak the Word.  constantly.

I love this piece on make up and ethinicity. The Spoken Word Visualised in this video.

i love the ending! actually i love all of it.

‘what my sisters put on their faces; that’s not make up, that’s make believe.’

you ask me: what has this Performance Poetry got to do with the war in Gaza or anywhere else?

i say: we must speak up against all form of injustices, before it turn into wars, during the actual battle and even when it is something that has happen in the past but noone spoke of. it must be SPOKEN. or else, we forget, and history (if it’s good it’s fine, but the bad ones…) will repeat itself.


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