ia begitu senang.

i woke up to the slow rocking of the train this morning.
it was clear to me.
religion, in all its loveliness puff up together like cotton, is essentially about living in harmony with the universe, the earth, all it’s creation and oneself.
politics, after taking away all the drama and stupidity, leaving only grey wisdom, is about living in harmony with other people, cooperation and humanity.
i look out the tiny window by my bunk at the orange light rising from the earth.
when it gets too complicated, remember this big picture and all the little pieces will fall into place.

it is that simple.

the world will seemed crazy again, i’m sure. the world does a great job of that, easily. but oh, when such moment of zenness happens….it feels like seeing the rainbow butterfly that floats playfully before my eyes when i am walking from bad traffic, jumbled mind and a heart sicken with ‘progress’. the gloom dissipates and the world suddenly makes sense.

i drink this moment slowly, indulging the sheerness.


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