Malaysia di mata Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu.

as i promised, the video broadcast of Malaysian government, repping the whole lot of us, telling the world what great human rights practitioner they are. these people are:

  • M. Tan Sri Rastam Mohd. Isa, Secretary-General , Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  • M.Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, Attorney General Of Malaysia, Attorney-General’s Chambers Alternate
  • Ms. Dato’misrain Karmain, Undesecretarymultilateral Political And Security Directorateministry Of Foreign Affairs, Advisor

this video is best watched with lots of booze and funny friends. laughter then is guaranteed.


that was the intro,  after it was open to the floor where all Asean countries and the OIC countries showers kisses all over our reps while a handful of European countries shows concern over our treatment of migrants, refugees and ISA; these is their respond:


then it was open up to the floor again, where Belgium and Canada gives very tight punches, to which me and the rest in Era COnsumer office watching the whole event with beer and fried meehun applauded and cheered.

this is Malaysia last response:


for the rest of the video clips of the floor’s comments, you can see the listing here:

After such a ridiculous evening, i’d suggest you go check out Freedom Film Fest launch at the Annexe tomorrow at 10am, followed by a talk by Farish Noor later and funky indie music acts at night….all at the Annexe to redeem your IQ and more importantly, the faith you had in humanity.


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