Cintakan anjing, muzik dan erm, kaca mata.

Remaining Darlings waiting for the walk down the green mile… 😦 … But not if we can help it!!!!!

These are some of the Furkids still at DBKL. The last few pics are the pups. They are our priority (women and children 1st mah)…

Action: Monday we will go down and free the rest of the youngins and arrange boarding for them til they are adopted.

What we need: Now, we require donations for the rescuing (for temp boarding and the cost to take them out from DBKL) so i would like to ask everyone who is willing, please contact me if you wish to help us out financially. All costs will be made available and we will be very, very transparent. I cannot publish the exact amount needed yet because it is yet to be finalized… we will only know on Monday itself.

Adoption: We will start an adoption drive once all the pups have been taken out of DBKL and given clean bills of health. We will keep everyone posted.



Torch Song Massacre was the best indie gig in KL i’ve been to! not that i’ve been to all or even a lot, since i don’t frequent many alternative scenes like punk, metal or club music much. but among those i’ve been to, Torch Song Massacre held me to my seat and knock me over the chair laughing, standing in awe of Ken Lee among many crazy acts and even more importantly, awesomest music by the line up of brilliant musicians/performers/drama queens/kings!!

below was the listing, for the funky depressing poster of the event click here.

Music concert
Two Nights of Tragic Love Songs – Friday 13th and Valentine’s Day
Fri 13 & 14 Feb, 2009, 8.30pm
Presented by The Annexe Gallery
Admission by donation RM25 (Adults), RM20 (Students)

+ + + +

Ah… tragic love songs. They have given cold comfort to countless lonely, miserable fools who are carrying their torches for their lost loves, keeping their flames alive in vain. Where would we be without these gloomy tunes to soundtrack our pitiful moments of rejection and despair? From Billie Holiday to Madonna to P Ramlee, self-piteous tragic love songs are proof that not even the wisest among us have figured out that love comes with no warranty. But we know you love the pain.

Come join us at The Annexe Gallery as we present Torch Song Massacre, two nights of tragic love songs as performed by some of KL’s best music and stage talents, including:

Shanon Shah
Azmyl Yunor
Junji Delfino
David Gomes
Shanthini Venugopal
Llew Marsh
Zalina Lee
Paolo Delfino
Panda Head Curry?
13 Voices In My Head
Jerome Kugan
+special guest Rohaizad Suaidi

+ + + +


Torch song = A song of unrequited love.
Unrequited love = Love for someone who doesn’t love you back, or doesn’t even know you exist. Massacre = Mass killing of audience with killer torch songs.


i am now officially down to my last rm100 to last me for the rest of the month, thanks to Ani Difranco in Singapore. i think i spent RM500 for the tickets, trasport and buying some cds and eating in our expensive neighbor. to illustrate my desperate brokedom, this is the photo of my kaca mata that i broke (i think the plastic frame is so old it’s gone fragile) and i gaffer tape it up. so don’t laugh when u see me in my gaffer taped glasses, instead, bagilah donation!!


hope it’ll last me till next month…i should start a ‘donate to mien’ fund. what is the fund for? well, erm, give money first, talk later!


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