Jom Borak Tentang Seks!

Let’s talk about Sex!
What is the Malaysian preoccupation with sex? What does our sexual identity have to do with what we can say, do, expect or demand? Is sexuality a private issue or a matter of public interest? Do Malaysians have any rights when it comes to sexuality?

Come join our 2 hours workshop session on March 7, Saturday, 3-5pm at FnB PJ, and let’s talk about sex in this country. Drop us an email if you’re interested:

Jom Borak Tentang Seks!
Mengapa rakyat Malaysia asyik tertarik dgn isu seks? Apakah kaitannya dengan identiti kita dan apa yang boleh kita buat, bicara, jangka dan minta? Adakah seksualiti satu perkara peribadi ataupun hal orang ramai? Adakah rakyat Malaysia mempunyai hak-hak yang berkaitan dengan seksualiti?

Jom borak tentang seks dengan Katagender pada 7 March, Sabtu, 3-5pm di FNB PJ. Jika berminat dalam bengkel 2 jam ini, email kami:

siapatu katagender:


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