Adakah Demokrasi masih berguna?

since democracy= our votes/polls/elections has obviously been not respected by the very people that are suppose to serve us (clearly stated by the article below), is it still relevant? should we continue to plaster and glue this very flawed machinery in hope that it will only gets better (when and if used by the right people who will never be tempted by greed or power) or do we find a better alternative?

which is the point you ask me ‘what will that be?’. which i will throw the answer back at you very clever people (don’t underestimate yourself) and say, let’s discuss this together, and if we decide to create an entirely new way of living justly and harmoniously altogether, let that be it! i would reiterate the last sentence of the below article and say ‘the choice is OURS!’


Perak today, Malaysia tomorrow?by Wong Chin Huat

this is just the last segment, for full article, go here:

Democracy under siege

In a nutshell, the crisis in Perak is that the legislature is under siege by a host of unelected institutions: the palace, bureaucracy, police, courts, and MACC.

This has happened because politicians from the PR and BN have shown their willingness to court unelected institutions. They do so because they believe the public will tolerate such a rape of democracy and the triumph of Machiavellianism.

If the wrestling over Perak can lead to the mutation, mutiny and muscle-flexing of unelected institutions, what will we see come the next general election? Could some parties turn to the military?

Tengku Razaleigh (Source:
One thing leads to another. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has rightly reminded us that the Perak crisis is a chain reaction of illegality.

We all hate the endless political impasse. But doing nothing or looking for a short-term solution will only prolong this crisis and encourage more in the future. We can ask for a truce or a national unity government, but this means we must brace ourselves for the possibility of a military coup after the 13th general election.

Or we can step up the call to force fresh polls and penalise — legally and politically — those who have acted treasonously against democracy.

We have come so far after 8 March. The choice is ours.


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