Drama hari ini.

Drama. what would one do without it?

i wanted to write about what happen in the sexuality workshop and how it went on 7th march. in short, fun and also disturbing, a lot of discussion but will there be action? find out more at katagender.blogspot.com

i wanted to write about International Women’s Day that happen yesterday, 8th March, about Toni Kassim and how she affected my life. made me a better trainer, activist, feminists and human being.

but somehow today’s dramas shove their way into the limelight of my life. being laid off from a work that is not exactly the ideal work i love but not exactly too far out either. being laid off for not able to dance in sync to the same tune, or with the same amount of passion. here i am, joining the entire bandwagon of retrench, floating aimlessly or maybe drowning, in the ocean of trade and stock market. where forth from here?

lesson to be learn: if you are not doing something you love, others will obviously not feel the love.

in this storm of dejection, i hang on tight to Toni’s words of advice to me when i went crying to her about how i want to give up activism altogether due to challenges at work : i’ll be dammed if i let one thing/person stop me from doing the things that i love.

with friends company as i wallow in my sorrow through today and also through ‘Zack and Miri makes a porno’ film, i was ready for a brand new day. then i crawled into bed.

then at midnight, a neighbor, someone i sort of know, if not well, came knocking on the door, needing a ride to the doctor. the thing about being a girl is that you will feel apprehensive about helping out man one don’t know well for fear of one own’s safety. i trust my instinct, and took him to UH. he was so numb when we reach, we had to get him a wheelchair to get in.

UH is semi private, so it is relatively cheaper than a clinic but also has mediocre service. like long wait for registration and payment, long wait for doctor and messy directions to the parking ticket machine. i spent half an hour in the carpark and another half an hour watching Mawi receiving awards on tv while waiting to register.

sigh. so much drama in 24 hours of my life. can’t wait for tomorrow. yawn.
did i tell u, i got myself new pair of glasses. time to look through the world with new lens. -metaphor indeed-


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