aku sedang bercuti.

the thought of malaysia”s (a word one’s would describe one’s poo) politics is vaguely floating somewhere at the border of my consiousness but mostly my consiousness is taking a swim in the gelato at lygon street or taking a ride with the hitchhiker’s in his guide to the galaxy by the river at fed square when it ( my consiousness that is) not being enveloped by the images contained in Australia Centre for Moving Image.

i’ve been here, in melbourne for a week now. everyday has walking on the itenary, which is actually a lovely thing to do in such a weather/political climate of security- that means not worried about snactches or dodgy men following you home/ vibrant culture- lots of colors graffitied on the wall and people of various colors/smart urban planning- public transport and road directions that is convenient for all, no matter your abilities.

there’re more praises, that will be to come. as today, my day off from walking, i woke up late, ate some leftover from last night’s lovely dinner at nicol and martin; i’ve spend it all on reading, books and online stuff. someone send me a link to this and i absolutely love it. here’s for you. i must warn you, you might find it as funny or just really offensive. 🙂


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