Kataku Kepada DJ Fly FM yang homofobik.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Karen Dcruz
Date: 2009/5/14
Subject: Gross Prejudices on Fly FM
To: communications@mediaprima.com.my
Cc: contact@tiltedworld.org, contact@herstory.ws, merryn@lotl.com, comments@afterellen.com, Elaine Foster

Dear Sirs,
I am sending you this because there isn’t any contact information on the flyfm website for me to send my complaint to. I trust this will reach the relevant individuals concerned and some form of action will be taken to resolve the issue.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Was anyone listening to Flyfm this evening(Wed, 13/5). Well tragically i did not but i was informed of this gross injustice via our community network. This is what happened…

Prem (the person at the end of the mic) was elaborating on some rumours that his ex-girlfriend had ‘turned gay’. This little anecdote came from the topic,” What you would not want to hear about your ex?”

Now as an individual living in today’s society I am immune to the sarcastic comments and remarks dished out on gay lifestyles by ignorant individuals. It’s fine, you’ve got your views, and I’ve got mine. But what really ticked me off was the fact that this person was blatantly spreading prejudices on live national radio. What next, racial manifestos, jihad?

He went along to say the usual stuff, something along the lines that she was really pretty and he couldn’t imagine why she ‘turned gay’ when she could have most men she wanted. Then he started calling her ‘sick’ at the end of his little story. Professed aloud after his ‘disclaimer’ that he is not being discriminatory!

For the record, he is technically right. He isn’t discriminating but he was and will most likely continue to spread prejudice and racial manifestos and possibly a jihad against some secular group that he holds a grudge against!

Radio stations should know better than to allow immature, incapable, insensitive, ignorant announcers rant and rave about their personal lives and views on national radio.

So, his ex-gf is now gay, so what? The whole world does no need to know about his dirty laundry and pet peeves. What of professionalism? What of tact and common decency? Going around spreading your negative views and further provokes prejudices against our community. There must be a reason why she turned gay anyway! But lets not even get to that area of grave concern.

To the management of the radio station, I expect you to look into this as a blatant disregard of position. As a member of the gay community in this country I am outraged at such a travesty being allowed. How can one blatantly pass judgment on individuals whom you know next to nothing about? Angered by the fact that a distinct group of people do not conform to the norms of society does not make us sick. Spreading prejudices and ignorance, now that’s more of a pandemic!! The national airwaves are not your platform to voice your personal opinions. Radio announcers are salaried to entertain and play music. You’re no Larry King or Jerry Springer. As an individual who has been entrusted with the responsibility of entertaining the public, YOU my dear radio announcer, have disappointed us.

To members of the LGBT society I urge you to take a stance and let your views be heard. I am sending this note to all LGBT related groups in Malaysia and abroad. Behavior like this cannot and should not be tolerated.
Kind regards,
Karen D’cruz

This letter is also copied to the following:
Tilted world contact@tiltedworld.org.
Herstory contact@herstory.ws
LOTL merryn@lotl.com
After Ellen comments@afterellen.com


my respond to that dj and all the bigots, racists, sexists, supremacist that are supremely insecure is this:


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Karen
    May 17, 2009 @ 13:52:48

    hi there,
    thanks for posting this up. It is truly an honor.
    unfortunately we still have not heard anything from the big boys.

    tut tut tut


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