ambil hati aku.

take my heart.

in exchange for a revolution.

my red lips burn
as your hands finger that oysters
bringing it close

my lips
yearn for that oyster to slide into it
oysters uncontaminated by
oil pumped from earth’s last breath
a girl too young to be diving so deep for that 50cent
the gritty hands of the middle man who sold it for triple
the glossy face of magazines that sell this ‘lifestyle’ by tripling the triple

My lips turn blue at the touch.

Take my lips.
In exchange for a breath.

Fine, my ears got distracted
It perks in attention
To something oh so sweet and sexy flowing by
A song, a song you are singing
I could feel a connection and we almost did
And then
An onslaught of obscene words like
‘sales, buy, eat, drink, shop’
Catches on to my ear and beats it to submission
my hand twitches the knob in a spastic reflex

my ears hyperventilates from the attack.

Take my ears.
In exchange for silence.

My eyes
Now fearful and wary
Blink open shyly
And froze in captivation
At the perfect curve of your smile
And the twinkle in your dark brown pupil
It follows your hand down your body
As you unzip undress
And I feast on your bare swollen flesh
That turns into a gun
Holding me still in my position
Hand on a piece of paper
‘contract’ you whisper in my ear
‘possession’ is what I hear
‘I work hard for this body, this money, this life
In order not to be owned.
to be able to own’ you justified.

the pen I hold gorge my eyes out instead.

Take my eyes.
In exchange for nothing and nothing can’t be owned.

My heart that does not want to, does not understand
All this
Consuming, owning, buying, taking
she just
she just beats, breath
Dance around when she’s happy
Skip a bit when she see someone cute looking her way

In a world of taking, buying, consuming, owning
There is indeed nothing left
For my heart

Unless there is a revolution

So please go ahead
Just take my heart


the story of consumption is not new. and it is easy to understand by watching this very well done video:

and that is why i am so disheartened this ‘way’ of life.

instead of being dishearten says Keny Arkana, be angry. here’s to inciting the rage within us, to live.


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