Daily Kos’s Feminist Wish List

Daily Kos’s Feminist Wish List — What Do You Think?
DigiBitch blog post by Kelsey Wallace, July 23, 2009 – 6:29pm; tagged Daily Kos, feminism, gender equity, third wave, transsexuality, wish list.

What do you think needs to happen to the feminist movement in order for it to remain viable (and fun)? Blogger fgbm27 at The Daily Kos attempted to answer that question yesterday with the post 15 Aspects The Must Be Recognized in Third-Wave Feminism.


What do you think this feminist is putting on her list?

The list covers topics ranging from transsexual rights to cosmetic use, but is it enough? Is this what your list for the future of feminism looks like?

Here is an abbreviated version (meaning I shortened the explanations) of the list posted at Daily Kos, the entirety of which can be read here:


1. There must be a widespread understanding that feminism does apply to men.

2. While transsexual acceptance and rights are an important aspect of third wave feminism, it must understood that not every person is as educated on the topic as some are.

3. Fox “News”, World Net Daily, CNS News, Drudge Report, and The Fox Nation are all unreliable, far-right, anti-feminist sources.

4. Applying make-up, nail polish, shaving legs, and most other sexist, cosmetic double standards are NOT antitheses to being a feminist – the motivation behind the products are.

5. Feminists can be from any religion, race, creed, gender, socioeconomic class, country of origin, sexual orientation, relationship status, height, status of ability, experience or lifestyle.

6. As feminists, we cannot allow sexism or objectification to happen to males, like it has to females.

7. All women who are politicians, actresses, singers, CEO’s, or in any position of power are NOT necessarily feminists.

8. Despite the Republican party’s strong anti-feminist stances, being a member of the Republican party does not mean that one is inherently anti-feminist.

9. Feminists must remember that men are sometimes the victims of sexual assault; not just women. Also, men are not always the assailant. While, statistically, women are usually raped by men at a much greater level, one must never forget that unconventional sexual assault is still sexual assault.

10. While one can be a feminist and personally oppose abortion, taking away a woman’s right to choose is an inherently anti-feminist position.

11. In cases of rape, victim blaming is always unacceptable. However, over time, there multiple cases have occurred in which the “victim” has lied about being raped for personal gain. While these attacks are very, very infrequent, feminism must not be blind to their existence.

12. Feminism must be unafraid to call “fakers” out. Every time that Sarah Palin would call herself a feminist (before promptly contradicting herself), every time Tammy Bruce agrees with Bill O’Reilly, and every time plastic surgery is marketed as a “liberating” thing to do, real feminists must speak up!

13. Making sexist comments against men, in favor of women, is a directly un-feminist action. Whether it be a joke from a progressive, Dana Perino discussing the Mark Sanford affair, or anything else, these comments enforce gender stereotypes and are still sexist.

14. There is nothing wrong with choosing to live in a traditional lifestyle (being a stay-at-home mom, wearing a burqa, having the male in a heterosexual relationship be the breadwinner, etc.), but there are major problems with expecting it and castigating those who do not fit into it. This being said, people who choose to live in traditional lifestyles must respect others choices as well.

15. Reaching out to younger people is one of the most important actions that third-wave feminists need to accomplish.


So what do you think of The Daily Kos’s list? Did they leave anything out that you would add? Did they include anything on this list that you think shouldn’t have been? Do you think there is a future for third-wave feminism, or should we move on to another wave (or stop with the wave-speak altogether)? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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