My film is premiering at ‘Women In Love’ FA 11!

Filmmakers Anonymous and Central Market present
A Herstory Films Project

FA 11 special, free short films screening on 26 Sept, 6pm@ Annexe!

FA 11 special, free short films screening on 26 Sept, 6pm@ Annexe!

“Women In Love” FA 11
6pm at Arts for Grabs, Annexe Gallery
26 September

Premiering’s film ‘2 Boys, 2 Girls and A Beat Up Car’
Also featuring films from Margaret Bong, Juliane Block, Nadira Ilana and more!

Desires. Sex. Love. What does it mean to women? These women filmmakers explore and showcase their stories for this special FA.

Herstory Films Project wishes to launch this space to share your love story, be it fairytale or forbidden, proudly or anonymously…as long as you identify as a women, we want to hear your story and possibly film it. Herstory wants to appreciate women’s sexuality the way they tell it.

Due to the lack of women filmmakers in Malaysia in general and making films on desire more specifically, we whop up some previous FA films that fit this category. Still make for an interesting watch, so see you there!!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 60 MINUTES (discussion with filmmakers and Herstory organizers after)
All films have English subtitles. The screening is free. Central Market Annexe is located behind Central Market, near Pasar Seni Lrt station. For more info please contact Anonymous at 012-6969455.
ps. if you are an addict yourself, please feel free to bring dvd copy of your film to the screening and pass to Anonymous.

1. ‘It’s Not About Anything, It’s About Everything’ by Crystal Woo and Sidney Tan  (2006/ 14 mins)
A short film about Yee May who finds herself caught between two men and turns to unconventional means to solve her dilemma.

Directors’ Profiles:
Crystal Woo and Sidney Tan have collaborated on various projects that include short experimental video works, comics, and films. Sidney Tan draws & designs for a living, and Crystal Woo art directs and writes for a living. Together, they are fascinated by pictures in the head…ideas in space…and stories floating everywhere.

2. ‘Sub Rosa’ by Nadiah Hamzah (8.45mins/2009/color)

Can true love prevail above all others? Ayesha, a Muslim African American struggles to balance her faith and liberal freedom. Kurt – yearning for a sense of belonging gets caught up in the bludgeoning Brooklyn hipster neo-subculture. A unexpected encounter brings the two together. Despite their worlds of differences, they not only find love, but also discover their selves.

Director’s profile:
Nadiah Hamzah is based in New York, and is constantly inspired by the many sights and sounds of the city. She enjoys everything and anything by Catherine Breillat, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Takashi Miike, Michel Gondry and Yasmin Ahmad. Nadiah is also an avid cinematographer (DP reel can be seen at but wishes she had more chances and money (or any money at all) to shoot on 35mm film. She is currently writing her first feature screenplay.

3. ‘She’ By Idora Alhabshi 13mins/color/2006
An art house short film featuring the talents of Bernice Chauly. A story placing moments before bitter separation. It explores her intuitions, past experience and emotional turmoil before making her first step of courage.

Director’s Profile:
I’m based in kl but im in melbourne studying fine arts: media arts and photography in RMIT.

4. ‘Eyefinger’ By Margaret Bong      (10mins/ 2008)
A woman suffers depression of the lost of her son. With or without the son the deaf couple have to face their daily life in silent.

Director statement:
What we can hear is that what we want to hear? I always want to know how is it like being a deaf and mute. At times, we thought they are different but we all just the same. Everyone has their sorrow path in life either we see it, hear it or not.

Director’s Profile:
Bong majored in Broadcasting and Cinematography at the University Malaysia Sarawak. She has been invited to participate the Asian Film Academy, organized by the Pusan Film Festival. She has written, produced and directed 6 short films. In 2005  “Lie Beneath” was shown in festivals in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, while her short documentary “Tudtu, The Salt Boy” has been shown in Malaysia, South Korea, Italy, Brazil and Lebanon. She has just finished her feature documentary “The Weight of Salt”.  Now she is writing another short film.

5. ‘Bare Hands’ by Nadira Ilana    (2mins30secs)

Bare Hands is an original poem over stock images put together at the last minute for a classroom assignment (yes it happens to filmmakers too). It is the honest voice of a girl stricken by insecurity and the fear of loss, striking the question “does he love me for me or what I am?” Bare Hands is essentially about one’s discovery of the meaning of love; how young love always struggles to measure up to its ideals and forces us to reckon with who we are and what we have to offer anyone or ourselves. How hard do we need to try to keep love alive? Should we come bearing gifts? Or with bare hands? That is… if you have hands.

Director’s profile:
Nadira Ilana is a passionate Sabahan and filmmaker. Born and bred in beautiful Kota Kinabalu, this former film student, now humble filmmaker/video artist’s further education was spent in Brisbane, New Jersey and New York City. Keeping track of her can sometimes be a game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ but she is currently temporarily residing in Brisbane where she is editing her next project. Favourite past times are also: photography, diary writing, karaoke, making collages and cursing at the Sabah electricity board for making her start impossible jigsaw puzzles (like ones of Klimt or with lots of sky and padang) she cannot finish but starts anyway because there’s no internet or Astro during our perpetual power cuts. Visit to follow more of her readings and thinkings.

6. ‘Kow Loon Story’ by Juliane Block (5 mins/2009)
A lonely woman leaves a trail of colorful origami in her struggle against the gray anonymity of a metropolis.

Juliane started her filmmaking career in Germany, before she migrated in 2005 to Asia. Her directing credits include now several award winning shorts and a feature which have been screened at various festivals around the world. Juliane is a graduate of the University of Art Braunschweig, Germany and works as graphic artist when not busy making movies.

7. ‘2 Boys, 2 Girls and A Beat Up Car’ by (11 mins/color/2009)
Heng and David swop stories about how they meet their girlfriends- Katherine and Beth. Katherine and Beth explored a beat up car instead. Oh, the many ways of falling in love! Featuring the amazing casts- Davina Goh, Anrie Too, Alfred Loh and Michael Chen. Info and photos at

Director’s Profile:
Through films, searches for love, for justice, for equality, for diversity, for humanity, for herself. As a profession, she is between a trainer and a filmmaker. She sees in a spectrum of lights and thinks that the world is more beautiful for the rainbow. She attempts to wield a blog at


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  2. Jeremy Malcolm
    Sep 29, 2009 @ 09:52:15


    I enjoyed seeing your film! During the end credits I noticed a Creative Commons logo – does this licence apply to the whole film or just the music? The credits passed by too quickly for me to be sure. If the whole film is CC licensed, can we download a copy?



    • mienly
      Sep 30, 2009 @ 14:48:39

      hi Jeremy!
      really glad you enjoyed the show. and doubly glad you noticed the CC license and know what it stands for. 🙂 unfortunately, it’s not uploaded anywhere yet, some parts of the music need fixing, just noticed it that night with the nicer sound system than my computer speakers hehe so when it’s done, i’ll definitely post it up here on my blog and you are most welcome to download and share it. you can watch, download and spam my older films at


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