Tuliskan Dunia…

I’ve been writing, something other than scripts lately. here’s one on The Nut Graph, on my night out with Rela:


“BUKA pintu! Buka pintu!” shout the volunteers through the grill door, into the hallway of the shop lots in Pudu. They are from Rela, a civil volunteer corp formed by the Malaysian government in 1972 to help preserve “peace and national security”. They are conducting a raid on undocumented migrants here, in the middle of Ramadan, on 2 Sept 2009.

Rela's tools for raids — wire cutters, very big torch lightsA man comes sleepily to the grill door. The three Rela volunteers, dressed in their green combat-like uniforms, demand that he opens the door fast or they will cut it. They speak in Bahasa Malaysia. The man seems to understand them — he slowly comes out of his daze and realises what is going on. He responds in English, “Wait, wait, I go get the keys.”

When he retreats, another Rela volunteer arrives on the scene with a cutter. The Rela volunteers cut the lock on the grill door. When the man returns with his keys, the Rela men say to him in Malay, “You’re slow, we had to cut.”

(you can read the rest of the article on the link above.)

Another thing i erm, have somehow been persuaded to do is PM (PopMuda) for Pop In, an info feed site for young people. everyday, i will be blogging something there. Last night was about 6 sexy world icons that I would teh tarik.


oh err apparently you get to twitterview me on 8 oct night at 930pm, haha, not sure how it works but it’ll be interesting. so TWIT me then!


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