does politicians and marketeers care about you? REALLY??

such as demonstrated in the below articles:

Youth Engagement Summit 2009: Saying “no” to actual engagement (Malaysia)

…YES 2009 was a “honest discourse on the inspiration that is Obama,” according to Sledgehammer Communication’s Harmandar Singh; running in conjunction with the summit was the SEACHANGE Movement, which urges young people to “Say ‘yes’ to change”.

But Obama and the change he represented was, over everything else, political change. It’s quite clear that change of that sort, here in Southeast Asia, is pressing: you need only look at Burma and its military junta – or, for that matter, ourselves.

When Youth Asia’s Ng Khai Lee delivered his speech at the summit’s opening, the word “politics” was conspicuously missing. Harmandar himself said that the “movement is apolitical”. So YES 2009’s jumping on the catchphrase bandwagon was disingenuous, at best. No wonder Obama gave it a miss….

‘Trading Women’s Rights for Political Power’ (America)

…House Democrats voted to expand the current ban on public financing for abortion and to effectively prohibit women who participate in the proposed health system from obtaining private insurance that covers the full range of reproductive health options. Political calculation aside, the House Democrats reinforced the principle that a minority view on the morality of abortion can determine reproductive health policy for American women….


itulah realitinya, if u don’t care about ur own rights, welfare and of those who have no voice of their own, the capitalists and politicians isn’t going to be bothered.

and in Malaysia, your rights is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution, ah, strange big words eh? made easy with videos ( that i helped made) here:

and if you’re not gonna be bothered about finding out about your rights,haha all i can say is u deserve to have the monkeys running your country and mine.

much peanuts. 🙂


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