wanna watch a movie with me? one of these 7 saucy films?

the 2nd article i wrote for Popin.my as their PopMuda. 🙂

After teh tarik, maybe we can go grab a movie? One of these 7 saucy films?
1. Berbagi Suami by Nia Dinata
I could never relate to the slow poetic expression that is common with Malaysian alternative cinema, (Malaysian mainstream cinema is hardly ever worth watching at all except those by Bernard Chauly) because my family and life experience just isn’t like that. The women in my family are loud, witty and smart, very much like women in Nia’s films. In Berbagi Suami, Nia tells 3 tales of polygamous marriage. I love the funny irony of the first story; I love the 2 women who took charge of their fate and eloped together in the 2nd story; I love the frankness of the 3rd story that shows what a fool human can be. Nia’s story telling grabs you by the eyeballs and make sure you laugh and cry with the protagonist all the way through.

2. Gubra by Yasmin Ahmad
Gubra has to be my favourite Yasmin’s film by far. On one hand We have Orkid who is witty and loud (yay!) yet somehow still manage to get married to an abusive husband,  bump into her ex-lover’s brother, who uttered the line ‘Loving Malaysia is like having relationship with someone who don’t love you back.’ That completely resonates with me and possibly most Malaysian too, as our leadership in this country only loves themselves really. On the other hand, we have the ulamak that walks on screen and pat the dog. He and his wife proceed to take care of the sex workers neighbors with such love and compassion that sends off-screen ulamaks berserk. Drama off and on screen! Truly demonstrate the power of films and Yasmin is definitely one Malaysian that isn’t afraid to wield that magic and she does it so well. She passed away…We miss you already.

3. Ciplak – Khai M Bahar
Another Malaysian filmmaker who isn’t afraid to be saucy and witty and loud on film is Khairil M Bahar. With Ciplak, Khai (wrote, directed and acted himself) ran and skateboard all over KL, seduced by a woman, attempted seduction by a man, bashed up, escaped all in the name of a quick cash scheme of selling ciplak (pirated) dvds. How Malaysian! J I even learnt a thing or 2 about what goes behind in supplying my dosages of uncensored foreign films.

4. City of God by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund
Sweat, blood, action, sex but what was most gripping was the story- young kids struggling to carve a space just to grow up in the urban poor slums of Rio de Janeiro. Gang war strives and feeds off the poor, like the chicken running for its life in the opening scene, children growing up in the slum has better grow up fast, or else they will just be dead meat. It gets really dire watching the marginalized, the poor being portrayed as victims and powerless or very exotic like they are in some aquariums; Fernando and Katia definitely lend a different sort of voice to these very important stories, one that is also about passion in times of hunger, about living even when dying seem like a better way out. After all the adrenaline pumped, you leave the cinema thinking, should any child grow up like that?

5. Iron Jawed Angels- by Katja Von Garnier
One of the early generations of very loud and proud women must be the suffragist movement in America. The women that rock the white house white male leadership to bring about equal right to vote! Starring rock stars of the movie screen-Hilary Swank, woah, as Alice Paul, founder of National Women’s Party together with Lucy Burns. Soundtracked with rock and roll music, the film makes me stand up and put my hands up in the air and say YEAH YOU GO GIRLS! And thank you, to all the women and people who have fought and are fighting still so that I may be free.

6. Dogma by Kevin Smith
Alanis Morissette is God weh!! If that was a spoiler for you that means you haven’t watched the film that means you should be shot dead, but I don’t believe in capital punishment so you will just be strapped to the chair and be made to watch Dogma on repeats, which isn’t really a bad thing. It is such an insolent film, I love it! The idea that there is a loophole in God’s theory and if the 2 fallen angels can find a way through this loophole, they can get back to heaven but one thing, it will undo the entire creation. It’s a rollercoaster ride of wit, after 5 times of watching, I will still laugh off my knickers and come out thinking ‘oh yeah, the idea of a God is indeed ludicrous!’ (Voltaire would so enjoy this movie.) Did I mention its an all star casts- Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek and more!

7. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love by Mira Nair
This would be a lovely film to end the night, a little tragic but still the shots, the people and the stories are so beautiful, it is erotica at its best! Set in 16th century India, the movie depicts the story of two girls, Maya and Tara, who were raised together even though they come from different social classes. Tara was to marry a king; Maya became his courtesan, then banished, and found her love in a stone sculptor (ah, everyone always love the artist). So saucy and sensual, guarantee to set you in the mood for love. J

That’s it, go have some (sauce) already, why are you still reading this!!
Strawberries and chocolate fondue


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