apa maksudnya 2009 kepada ku?

when it’s year end, folks at gigs (Shanon Shah and Azmyl Yunor at Acoustic Countdown at NBT) and peeps at newsy sites (PopIn.my) like to ask what 2009 was like for you, what strikes out the most, what was your favourite and least likable stuff that happen (the politics that is, not personal stuff). so i thought before someone else ask me this and having to say ‘err wait ah, i need to think about this.’ i should just think of it now and have an answer on standby.

off the top of my sleepy head:

there were some outstanding falls, metaphorically and real, the Perak’s  fall and  Teoh Beng Hock’s fall. i will indulge in laziness and not bother with explanation cos it’s getting late in the year and you can always google.

there were some surprised death, the King of Pop but closer to home and heart, sweet Yasmin Ahmad.

there were whipping and banning and jailing.

to stop people from drinking and loving and living.

the blogger who ‘exiled’ himself from the suppression.

the transgender who was ‘exiled’ because of her expression.

racists, sexists, homophobic remarks at still hurled

like stones at stray dogs in government’s dogpound

from ‘educated’ YBs, MPs,

the ‘elected’ leaders of our country,

yet, we sink our heads in embarassment,

when asked by friends from other nations,

why we have a murderer as the head of the house.

but i like to count my blessings when it is at the end.

without discounting the many struggles still at hand.

i like that sexuality is now discussed more publicly.

from there, new activists has sprung.

heterosexuals, lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex, queer

are now less scary a word to start conversation on.

it used to feel like standing in front of a firing squad.

now, well, you know you’re not standing alone at least.

thanks to Sexualiti Merdeka, Projek Sentuh, PT Foundation

and many more concern groups and people working in different capacities.

this is me, standing in ovation to you,

human rights is still a difficult word for Malaysia,

who’d guess sexuality rights would be mention so soon.

People surprises me sometimes.

most time, the one we grant most powers to, lead us to slaughter.

on rare occasions, the one we never knew was there, light a fire one cannot put off.


Happy Birthday Toni Kassim.


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