it’s 7.38pm and it is raining.

it’s been a hot day. it’s been hot almost everyday ever since ‘tong tong chiang’ music started playing on the radio. i recalled it started almost immediately after Christmas, who cares about Western Calendar’s new year when it is the Chinese Lunar New Year that will bring people to the mall! Hit that cymbal again folks!

i hate the ‘tong tong chiang’ music, the percussions are too loud and stands out so completely from the song that there might as well not be anyone singing or melody of any sorts. but apparently, it wasn’t always like this, old, like, black and white era old Chinese New Year songs, said the Ai FM DJ who was interviewing me and my director for our play ‘women of silk river’ in February. he played some old songs during the interview’s intermission. i was entranced. it sounded a little like chinese opera, keeping its mystic and magic while being more accessible melody-wised.

i tried searching for it online now and could only come close to this:

i told him my grandma would love this, she used to sing and perform in Chinese Opera, then again, there are many things that she had performed and done that is impressive by a feminist-filmmaker standard.

The play had me investigating a past related to my Chinese ancestry that i usually wouldn’t take. it brought me to a forest called China, a scary oppressive patriarchal path that involved female infaticide and showed me a revolutionary light, even when the women didn’t know it was revolutionary.

Read more about the women and the play here.

i started the blog without knowing where it would bring me and now i see that it has been a lovely walk through my recent past.


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