Race and Religion should have Sex!

Days past, things happen and I’ve not gotten my lazy fingertips to jot down the importance of it, but that doesn’t mean it is not.

It is very important.

On May 13, people were rebranding this day in memory of the racial bloodshed that happened in 1969. They were having picnics and hooking up with friends and loved ones of different race and ethnicity. What was painful for the people is now being made into a day of fun and love, free from propaganda of the state, created from the hearts of the people.

On May 14, KL Word, a party for lesbians in KL was raided. Only one underage girl (she’s 20) was taken to the police station, otherwise everything went smoothly (the party goers didn’t kick up a fuss and the police was as professional as possible). However, some undercover journalist wrote some nasty unjournalistic article the next day. The intention was clear, to create hate and fear. In a world where we are creating understanding to embrace diversity, this is regression, a violation of all our rights for a safe place.

So what causes homophobia?

Heterosexism is the belief that everyone is heterosexual and that heterosexuality is the only acceptable way of being. This belief, which relies on the idea that the majority rules and is therefore normal, is often the source of homophobia.’ Quote the website for The International Day Against Homophobia. That day was May 17. Our friends in Singapore, organized a pink picnic to celebrate the freedom to love. Again, created solely from the hearts. For those with a tendency for the melodramatic, melt now in sweetness. 🙂 It is ok, i melted with the pink dot video too. In the world where hate is propagandized so often, it is truly, absolutely OK to be filled with  sweet  and  loving feeling.

For those who can’t bring themselves to love, people of different color, race, religion or sexuality, usually quote religion as the barrier, the excuse, the all imposing non-questionable way of life. Well, one can find many discourses on that online and with the people around us, this is one of my favourite view on that, from the book ‘American Gods’ by a deeply magical and critical writer of all time- Neil Gaiman:

Religions are, by definition, metaphors, after all: God is a dream, a hope, a woman, an ironist, a father, a city, a house of many rooms, a watchmaker who left his prized chronometer in the desert, someone who loves you- even, perhaps, against all evidence, a celestial being whose only interest is to make sure your football team, army, business or marriage thrives, prospers and triumphs over all opposition. Religions are places to stand and look and act, vantage points for which to view the world.’

Sometimes, let’s try to stand at other vantage points to view the world, say the other person’s shoe.

love and equality to all.


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  1. Angela
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 16:18:56

    Your point of view is interesting , interesting read 😀 thumbs up .


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