prayers for the broke

a recent fb conversation ensued with a fellow friend of fun the morning after Dev’s infamous house party (disclaimer, this is what i remembered of it being slightly hung over):
yes, the party was awesome. we miss you.
i am awefully broke.
i made some parathas for breakfast.
i had 2, such a glutton.
i love prathas.
no more partying for february.
time to stay home and be kosher.
i will pray for you.
erm, will that land me money?
please grant us joy …and money.
and lots of fun that won’t cost us anything.
yes and that too.
sugar mummies or daddies will be good too.
don’t push it.
luck might run out.
luck does whatever it wants whenever it wants,
regardless of what we want.
ok let’s add a postscript to the prayer.
please also grant her sugar mummies and daddies.
PS. luck, don’t run out
on us.
dear luck, if u do run out, i’ll leave a light on for u
and the key is under the potted tomato plant.
that is beautiful. sob.
we should blog this.
just remembered i have yet to plant tomatoes.

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