A little note that ends with chasing butterflies.

i’m just procrastinating you see.

i’ll probably score an A for that, as long as i don’t have to write an academic paper about it.

and so i thought wouldn’t it be swell to update my blog since it hasn’t been updated in a while.

so what are the things that have happen since my last blog?

i participated in the Anti-Cut March, the biggest protest i’ve ever walk in, half a million people, say the media. in the march, i’ve help collected interesting placards for fellow MA students in London. but mostly, i just soaked in the parade and the view, that was how i got to see big ben and westminster up close for the first time since i came to UK last year. oh, and seeing the ritz hotel window all smashed and colored paints thrown at major chain store were pretty enjoyable too. i’ve engaged with many face to face discussion on whether such marches, destruction of private properties and occupation of spaces works. the intellectual conclusion is that it has to be contextual, to the place and history etc of the place, thus it has work in some instances and not in others. relativist? perhaps. but i digress.

as i aim to digress from intellectual thinking, no, it’s not the thinking nor discussing i am keeping at arm’s length but the paper writing. but since i’ve already whine much about it last time, i shall not whine anymore but just enjoying my procrastination.

did i tell you about paris? it was lovely. i’ve met a dear friend there, it was nice to meet up after a long while and find that the friendship, the easy lets-grab-an-ice-cream-and-walk-by-the-river feeling is still there. some friends (i think they say the same of lovers) when it clicks, it clicks, the jigsaw puzzles that match just right, you just know where the pieces go and it isn’t hard at all but rather, flows just like water, sometimes it will go through rough terrains but it will come together again one a sunny day, you won’t have to worry about it. loving people need not be hard, when it is, it’s time to reflect on maybe that love just shouldn’t be. and i feel extremely lucky to have met a few more such friends here, where we feel safe and easy to slip hands into each other’s arms, lazed on the beach without talking, cook dinners, bake scones…in such a short time, to feel so easy with each other, the jigsaw fits, the water flows, the planets align…the things that friendship are made of.

i feel that i’ve learnt much more from my experience here than in ways that can be graded. pieces of paper with words will not be able express and reflect even an ounce of what i’ve grown to understand about myself and the world around me. thank you for the opportunity, unfortunately i am not an academic but it did make me a little wiser, i’ll like to think. being wiser doesn’t mean knowing more but understanding that we all know very little and anyone who presume to know a lot, hasn’t talk to the other blind men touching the elephant. being wiser means letting go of the rigid stick of ambition you’ve been staring at and chasing for the last 10 years and look around, at the daisies and tulips and ducks by the pond and chasing butterflies, going where it brings you, wondering what the hell you were doing with a stick.. hey there goes another butterfly.


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