Brain fart of the day

and possibly the best bit of my dissertation, but i hope not lah. (just to contextualize a bit, i’m writing an analysis of what malaysians think of women’s sexuality based on online comments on Obedient Wives Club/OWC)

In this case, since education and employment of Malaysian women are only going to rise to meet the demand of economy and globalization, if OWC’s campaign succeeds in establishing that good wives have to be obedient, then it will add to the their already immense responsibility and cause more women to stay away from marriage. Artbot who is against the code of obedience, articulated that learning to have better sex with our ‘partner’, however, is acceptable as ‘we are all human’. The term ‘partner’ queer the whole idea of marriage and to a certain extent, heteronormativity as it connotes a neutral term of relationship that is without hierarchy, gender, sex and marriage, unlike terms such as boy/girl-friend, husband/wife or spouse. The ideology behind terms likes ‘partners’ might be the starting point of a path to subvert the ‘women are submissive’ in the context of a relationship. If a heterosexual marriage is to be made attractive to Malaysian women today, then it needs to ensure women’s autonomy over her sexuality as well as reassuring her status as an equal member of the society.


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