old friend in new place

day 2 in Dublin was spent with Yeats in the National Library. he wasn’t really an old friend but he is so old that he’s already in the coffin and had an exhibition done all about him. i was pleasantly surprised that he was into occult and spoke up against anti-divorce laws. it was in the evening that i met up with an old old friend from Botswana whom i met during my time in Central Lancaster High School. it was like there was no time that has passed since we last met, only our physical changes that serve as a reminder that we have not met since close to a decade. bantering was the game of the night, and laughter was what we reap throughout. met his lovely wife who cooked chinese noodle that would embarass many chinese restaurant around this part of the world. unlike many old high school friends whom the only topic of conversation has to be about the ‘good ol days’, with this friend, the presence and the future held more punches. this is a friend i can get old with.


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