ducks and pubs

Dublin day 3

The National Museum of Ireland most distinct feature was how they make distinct distinction between Irish and English culture, tools, warfare and even to how they ride the horses. My attempt to visit the market in all my destinations begun with the market at Moore St, which I arrived late to and the market was closing but I still managed to bag cheap bananas and lemons for the road, also bought lovely bread at the bakery and paneer at the Indian store.  We had a 5 euro vegetarian Indian lunch for which I indulged in my first rice fix since leaving Brighton. Then we indulged in Jamban’s fix by visiting Guinness Storehouse. The place was entertaining and smell dam good but alas, the taste definitely did not match Porterhouse own brewed stout. Jamban had to down 3 pints in half an hour because as usual, we went late and the place was closing.  Then we strolled to Phoenix Park, the largest park in Europe. The sun was setting and we were hungry so we sat down at the first pond we saw, and had our bread and paneer with the ducks and swans. Then we got chased out by guards, not because someone pee behind a tree, twice, but because the park closes at 6pm…park, close? Does it make sense to close a park, the flowers and the trees here must have great resale value… anyway, like the saying goes, when a park closes, a pub open. So we went to the famous Dublin oldest pub called Brazen Head, had delicious irish coffee and saw a band of old men sitting in the corner of the pub jamming irish tunes. Probably the most quintessential irish pub experience we had, after that we went hunting for more live music in what felt like an endless pub crawling event other than the fact I wasn’t drinking.  We still had not made friends with an Irish.

screens in barrels in the Guinness Storehouse


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