surfing in the park anyone?

day 2 munich

we went into munich town and we like it much more than dublin already. it has like a little fort/gate around it, lots of cobblestone street and an air of friendliness that i didn’t feel in dublin. we had a bavarian breakfast of weisswurst which we did the boo-boo of eating the sausage with the skin and drinking some of the soup that came with it. it was only the next day that my friend informed me that is not the way to eat it, ah, but at least we entertain the waitress for sure. we then check out the musical church where it has moving puppets when the clock strike 12 noon. it was not very impressive but still a quaint monument to have in the heart of the city. then we gorged out at the market nearby before strolling to the park where people surfed in the river, worship the sun naked and play strange musical instruments. we then met up with random people from couchsurfing at the students housing area for a bbq before meeting up my friends to stay with them somewhere outside of munich.



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