1 litre of beer?

Day 4 was a visit to the monastery that is famous for monks brewed beer. although the food and beer was good, we found out that there are only 6 monks left and they are really old. so everyone else are just workers for the cooperation called monastery. you can tell where the profits go to by looking a the church decor.

and of course we finally got ourselves to Oktoberfest on day 5 in Munich. i actually enjoyed it more than i expected. i thought people would be rowdier and more aggressive but mostly people are jovial and overly friendly. it’s a huge carnival-like atmosphere with one big jug of beer.

on day 6, our lovely hosts took us to the stall in the village where people just leave food like jams and pastes for anyone to take, and one is expected to leave money in the box provided. jamban took and paid for a jar of homemade pesto. then they brought us to a fish shop by a lake where they sell fishes from the lake, we got a smoked sapling (name of the local fish) sandwich which we ate at the train station later and we wished we bought more of it. we then carshared with someone that evening to belgium.


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