More beers! and chocolates and waffles and mussels…

arrived past midnight to my CouchSurfing host place, and what a coincidence that he was downstairs when i arrived at his building. some things are meant to be. we ended up having conversations till 3am with him and his ex-bf who lived downstairs. First time in travel that i’m not staying with Jamban as he got another couch somewhere else.

Day 1 in Belgium started with breakfast of the typical belgian waffle (with icing sugar generously sprinkled on top) at a nice cafe. then we walk around town. brussel is a lovely town to walk around without a map, it’s small and filled with quirky buildings and shops. we then went shopping for groceries where i cook chicken rice for james and my hosts. they love it! we then went out to a local bar for beers. belgium produced more than 200 kinds of beers! i really like the fruity ones.

day 2  was mostly me hunting for an adaptor to charge my netbook in the day. then in the evening, my host took us around for a walk, ate more waffles, drink more beers in more quirky bars. we had a belgian dinner at a restaurants, followed by more beers then a late night boardgame at home called ‘ticket to ride’. i need to get this boardgame when i go home, it’s super fun!

one bar had a puppet theater inside

this bar is filled with antiques

day 3 we moved our stuff to another host place, then we  and had mussels for lunch. never had so much mussels in a day! it was yums!! left for Bruges. since the start of our trip, we have not had a bad time with transport, and this is our first where the train was stuck for 3 hours on enroute (what was supposed to be an hour ride), because the train in front broke down. we ended up spending less time in Bruges than on the time. but we still enjoyed Bruge, nice old town with a river through it and mostly tourists. we made a song called ‘this town is made for medievel tourists’ 😛 we then went to another couchsurfers who cooked us dinner, we arrived super late because of our train drama but we still had nice dinner and jamban finally got to show off his guitar hero skills.

we had pancake in Bruges, it goes great with apple cider!

day 4 is flea market in the afternoon followed by beers with hosts, then we got lost again walking around and we checked out a hidden park . then we shopped in the asian market again, also bought lots of belgian chocolates from the supermarket. then i cooked stir fry noodles for these new hosts, followed by lots of drinking and laughter. the spanish host showed me more latina dance moves which i firmly believed is only in the latina genes.




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  1. karm
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 11:09:41

    LOVE IT MIEN LOR 🙂 never too much fun 🙂


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