Au Revoir Belgium! Hola Espana!

Day 5 in Belgium, me, my first host and his good friend went on a road trip to Leuven, a student town where they lived in before. it was a small quaint town, with the longest road of bars in europe, apparently home to Stella Artois beer. we had lunch at the oldest restaurant/bar and tried their own brewed beers.

Day 6 in Brussel was a day of rest, doing laundry, cooking for hosts and friends, packing as i had to catch an early flight to Madrid. i woke up at 5am, left to take the shuttle bus that will take me to the airport. at Metro Midi was the first time ever since the start this trip of  that i was so completely lost in a place and feeling so exasperated, asked more than 5 people about where the shuttle bus stop was at, and everyone told me different things. finally i found the bus and reach the airport with still enough time for breakfast. phew! don’t want to miss another flight in  my life.


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