gazpazcho and more flamenco!

i arrived in Sevilla around 7pm, after settling down in my first ever hostel dorm, i went out looking for food. i wrote this sometime in that night but i couldn’t log onto the wifi in the room, i wrote on word instead and only posting it now:

I left Granada for sevilla on a bus. I wished I could connect more with Granada, it’s such a stunning place but sadly my CS host place felt like a hostel, empty of emotional connections, not even photos of his family. And with constant CS coming in and out too. Generous man but strange in that way. I met another CS for a drink, and he took me and another CS whom was also staying at the same host’s place, around the Albacin area, that was much better. The next night, I cook dinner for them at his place. I enjoyed their company but wish we had more time together to feel a sense of connection. In Madrid, I met up with a CS to check out Toledo and El Escodarial together with. In Granada, I went around Alhambra and the town by myself. Added with the hostel like atmosphere at home, I decided to leave for sevilla, even though I didn’t manage to get a couch there. So here I am at a hostel, the first ever paid lodging on my trip. Luckily the 3 german girls sharing the room are nice. I went out for a quiet dinner by myself, went to a place where it is more quiet, a few locals inside. As I sat down and ordered, I realised that the waiter is doing everything by himself, taking orders, making drinks and cooking. He was doing it all efficiently and with a smile on his comely face. This is the kind of moments that I wish I knew Spanish and commended him on his effort. But all I could manage was gracias. Him and a few locals at the bar was laughing at (what I think) that is all tourists ever say to anything, ‘gracias’. 😛 when I learnt Spanish, I’ll come back for you, young man hehe. Anyway, it’s midnight and I think I’m coming down with a flu, what with the hot day and cold nights in Spain so far, and the constant travel and maybe tired out from menstruation as well, I’m gonna call it an early night and sleep in tomorrow if my surrounding permits. Buenos noches!

Day 2 in Sevilla is the only day i get to spend here. in the day, i met up with a American CS who is teaching English here. we walked around the city, went to her favourite restaurant and had cheap tapas (here we have to pay for tapas) but that plate is only 2.50 euros. and i tired gazpazcho, a garlic soup drink and i love it!! in the evening, i met up with another CS who works here but come from Lebanon, she and her friend are learning flamenco in Sevilla and they brought me to watch a free show, which turn out to be the best flamenco i’ve seen so far. ok, i’ve only seen two live shows but this definitely beats the one i paid in granada for sure!

i somehow felt more attached and connected to Sevilla than Granada (meeting people one can relate to makes all the difference to liking a place) so much and wished i could have stayed more but alas, hostel are expensive…moving on.

one of the many cathedrals one see in europe, they're all historical in some ways...

yummy bischoti cakes in sevilla

Sevilla is filled with old buildings like this, like many places in South of Spain.



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  1. karm
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 03:22:51

    I love how you are just going all out for it. :))))))))))))


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