tapas, Islamic palaces and flamenco in caves

day 1 granada was spent sleeping in the day and then walk about Albacin in the evening with Mon who is a local CS and Stephan, who happens to also be staying with the same host as I. small world this Couchsurfing makes. Albacin is like a maze, with houses stack on top on another and small lanes that leads to other small lanes that sometimes lead to a dead end. getting lost is very interesting and tiring hehe. we had some drink (that comes with free delicious tapas) in a local bar in one of the squares then we explored Albacin, interspersed with night views of Alhambra and Granada town.

day 2 was a lazy day of doing my laundry and trying to get couches for Sevilla and Lagos, to no avail. it was also the 2nd day of my period, so was feeling a little out of sort. thank goddess for mooncup, otherwise i would have to be aware of my period timing and hunt for pads or tampons in advance. then i went looking for ingredients to cook mee goreng mamak for Mon and Stephan, i should carry my soy sauce bottle everywhere i go instead of hunting for it high and low but it’s always been an interesting adventure to find soy sauce in all the places i go, i always find it in the end. although Mon found the mee a bit spicy, it was still well received. and we had interesting conversations of roles of men and women in parenting, the antropological and personal aspects of it. oh Mon also gave me portugese sour sop and mango to try. yums!

i wanted to wake up really early on day 3 to get a ticket to go into the Alhambra but ever since i started travelling with Jamban who is a night owl, i no longer am able to wake up before 9am unless it’s a bus or plane i’m catching. so i arrive at alhambra (palace, castle and fortress all in one, built by Muslim Kings of old) at around noon and the tickets are sold out. i walked around the free area, then walked around to check out the cool graffities that Mon told me about, then i went to look for the caves that people live in Sacremonte (mostly gypsies or those hippies type). in the evening, i checked out a Flamenco show in this cave-like bar, the music is intense and the dance more so. something well-worth watching live.

tripe stew with chorizo and other lovely pork stuff to accompany the flamenco show

day 4 my host drove me to the bus stop, but before that we manage to grab brunch of churros and hot chocolate, churros is very similar to yau cha kuai but less soft. then i got the bus at 2pm to Sevilla. the bus was one of those that stop at every small town on the way, it was interesting to pass through the small towns but the 30 celcius heat was baking me in a barely air-conditioned bus.



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  1. karm
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 03:26:14

    the flamenco bar you went to looks fucking awesome!!!!! i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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