it was a heated affair…with portugal.

Arrived in Lagos, after getting lost trying to get to the backpacker’s lodge in Sevilla, I just took the cab in lagos to a hostel here. This time, I stayed in a four beds mix dorm. I was alone at first. I went for a walk around the marina and had a lovely grilled sardines for lunch. This is when I discovered that Portuguese have a heavy meal, beginning with bread with olives, grilled sardines (6 of them!) with boiled potatoes and salad and usually end with dessert. Then I went to the biggest beach, it was so hot that I was looking for coconut trees for shades and also discovered that coconuts don’t grow in this part of the world. There were people charging 10 euros for an umbrella shade. After toasting a while, I walked back, sweating. After a nice bath, and discovering that two people had joined me in my dorm because they have their bags there (but the people weren’t in), I went out for a nice dinner of grilled sea bream. Lots of fish!

This is what happened when you leave a whole lot of blogging to procrastination (but the reason for procrastination is beautiful, you’ll forgive me when you read about it later). You forget things and it became a blur. And it’s really not fair, because Lagos was possibly the only beach I enjoyed in all the summer’s glory on this euro-trip. It was so hot, I bought a sun block lotion, never had one since I left Malaysia. But I still think beaches should come with coconuts.  After the sun, sand and sea, I left for Lisbon, which turn out to be my favourite city so far of my travel, historical, classic, quaint yet strangely familiar. Living in Alfama with my wonderful host who is learning to surf in her 50s, it was love the first moment I walked out the metro, climbing the coble stoned road up to her house that was built, I don’t know, since BC? Hehe I met tons of amazing people, including this Italian songtress which I recorded in my host’s house. Got lost in Cascais with another local CS (cs would now represent couchsurfing or couchsurfer), went with him and another friend to Sintra, quaint small town just outside of Lisbon. All in all, it was an amazing time that I was really tempted when my host told me that the apartment next to hers is vacant. If only I can get a job here… I also stayed a few days more than I had planned which means I could only stay 2 nights in Porto.

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Porto is also an old city, though not as old as Lisbon, and more spread out with modern bits and bobs, such as a cable car that served tourists like me to see the lovely view of main river that crosses the city. In Porto, I stayed with a host that loves his partying and for the 2nd time in my trip, got dragged out till 4am dancing. Urgh I was getting too old for that. Much preferred the night with my Lisbon host when we went for a cup of coffee while listening to Fado, traditional Portuguese singing in a neighbourhood tavern. When I arrived in Porto, I stumbled upon the international wall street solidarity protest in the main square which made me thought of all my fellow friends in KL whom would have attended the same protest oceans apart. A smile rivered across my face when I felt that little hope flickering for humanity. Greed and capitalism might fall after all. Let sharing and caring triumph.

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