i am your knight in a rainbow armor.

(this is a random post that maybe is related to my current space and time travel or maybe it is completely picked from the sky, no se)

i mistaken ‘porridge oats’ as ‘horrid jokes’, if eaten raw by itself, it might as well be. but it’s still good for you.

when i said ‘bamboo shoots’, you conjured up an image of the plant with guns. and i fell a little for you, without knowing then but i know it now.

a bunch of love warriors in rainbow armors in Kuala Lumpur was surrounded by the hate advocates. they chant: you must be straight, monogamous (if you’re not a muslim), obedient (if you’re a wife); if you’re not, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong. and the love warriors do the only thing they know how to do, shine rainbows from their hearts. i send you all a rainbow kiss from here.

i’m on my third book so far: Filth by John Irving, Green Mile by Stephen King, and now short stories by Ursula Le Guin (just recently recommended by a new friend, and she so rock my rainbow alien knickers!).

i sometimes thought how i should have commenced the space and time exploration 10 or 5 years ago, when i was younger…then i would not see the world through this glasses, glasses that has seen many ways of despairing futile living or simple triumphs of the human spirits; glasses that now shows me the magnificent oak tree that is just sprouting from its seed, the beauty of friendships and small towns when old friends in slow steps say hello, hola, bonjour in the morning markets, ‘let’s have a cup of coffee because by now, when my hair is silver and bones brittle and times are few, by now i know work is over rated and breakfast with a friend is too precious to have it scribbled in the diary for another day.’; these glasses is showing me there are many ways of loving and living into a better future for all.

you touch the ruins of a roman wall, ‘centuries ago, a roman might have touch this very stone.’ and you left your hand there for a while, communicating with a human from the past.

good kind beautiful people outnumbered mean people by a lot. believe it. most of the time, the strangers i met on the street, those that welcome me to their homes, and those that i sat in a bus with showed me such kindness as i would to my good friends. fear is a manipulation of the powerful. stop believing the news.

olive oil is a many splendor thing.

if i continue on with my space and time exploration for far longer than i first plan it, will you think i’ve ran away? do i think i have ran away? what am i running away from? i am running to something? or maybe i was never running, it is the world that is moving pass me when i’m staying really still…will you/i believe me if i say i’m just another knight in a rainbow armor. and i will come riding the rainbow to you after one rainy day.


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