the rain in spain falls mainly in Galicia

(I’m writing this in a covered walkway outside of the Hyere’s airport where we are spending the night, in our sleeping bags on cold tiles – part of the hitchhiking adventures. I’m dying for a warm bed right now. More on this later.)

Santiago compostela 6-10 November

First day in Santiago involved a brisk walk through the old town to shop for ingredients which I use to cook chicken rice for my host Krisha who was an American Taiwanese living here. And at night I joined in in her housemate’s birthday party where most people spoke Gallego, language of the region. Then my first airbed experience. Noisy thing it is. 2nd day was more relax, we went for a swim in a nearby pool, my first swimming pool on the trip, followed by a drink with her friends and lunch in the old town. At night, I move to the 2nd host, Guille’s place. The day was mostly resting time indoors because of rain or lazy strolls around this quaint ancient town with Ursula Le Guin in tow. Evening was spent cooking Malaysian dishes for my host which resulted in them breathing fire from the spice, but they seem to like it. Another lovely thing about Galicia is the seafood, it is most affordable here and fresh, and living cost is cheaper here than most parts of Spain. I felt very at ease here, as if I know these people and this place for a long time, like a friend visiting instead of a strange traveller. It is also interesting to note that the rain in spain does not fall mainly in the plain but in Galicia instead. However, being a Malaysian, from the East Coast, rain or thunderstorm monsoon doesn’t bug us so much as rather make it hard to get out of bed, unless it has flooded till that level. As lovely as Galicia has been, I needed to press on.

[just a quick note to say i’m now back in Brighton, catching up on updating my travel blog.]


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