day. i think it’s apt that this is the label to call the day i came out, quite reluctantly, from what i heard, from my mother’s womb. i also heard that my tearing her vagina was not a pleasant experience. that was just the beginning, then she had to suffer me having air coming out of some of my orifices constantly throughout, well, still till today i must say. hey, the doc said there’s nothing wrong with me, i’m just built special that way. i don’t know how she beared with me all these while but she did, and she did such an amazing job too if i may say so myself heehe, she’s reading this, so yes, thanks mum! and dad too of cos but he had 9 months less to do. 😉

this is going to be an indulgent post, as you can see. my travelling post is on hold for now. cos it’s my burpday and i get to do whatever i want. and it’s my blog too heahah. hmm lame joke. ok, moving on. for most of my life, noone, other than my family remembered this day. i’ve accepted it as just another day. then later on, when i’ve met more friends that meant a lot to me, i used it as a day to celebrate how amazing their presence has had on me. and so this day had been used to spent with the people that i chose to love like a close kin.

this year, well, today was supposed to be spent in amsterdam with some of my besties. like all good plans, sometimes it doesn’t happen. so instead, i went to work, as a waitress, at an event for the festives holidays. i woke up, listen to P.Ramlee, wore the all-black outfit and went to clear tables and clean dishes until late evening. then i came home to a quiet house, put my laundry in for a wash and started typing this blog. today is a day that i haven’t spent by myself in a long, long time. and before i beat myself up, i shall count the love. because this is what it was meant to be, to remember the people that has brought sunshines and of cos you got to have rain sometime too in my life.

i am extremely honored to have friends who saved up for a year and flew millions of miles away to spent time and travel with me around europe. i am ever so grateful to friends i just made in the last year who open their homes to me, with no conditions and no deadline, to stay after i came back to brighton unexpectedly, after saying farewell for good. i am also very touched when friends came online to chat when i told them i needed to talk, some have baby to tend to, some have the world to save and some in universe knows what timezone they’re in, but they made time, there and then, for me.

i may not be someone that has lots of parties thrown for them or presents bought or  hundreds of wishes on popular social networking sites, but these people has made me feel like i’m someone to them…and to you, this christmas, burpday and many other secular days, i give you my heart.



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  1. Nat
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 00:33:59

    Awwww. Happy birthday pumpkin! You are the adorable one, among all cousins ha ha. So it’s a good thing, aye? Missed having you here!


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