An incidental stop.

Oviedo 11- 14 November

Jamban was running late for our date in Barcelona, found myself with more time to spare before having to meet him there. I asked my hosts in Santiago where would be a nice stop between here and San Sebastian. So I bus to Oviedo, the capital of Esturia, the region next to Galicia. Although it was also really green with trees, the mountains here are more steep, making it harder to farm yet more striking to the eyes. My host in Oviedo is the tallest man I’ve ever seen and he is ever so lucky a biologist to be working in the forest. It is a queer thing that he also happen to know a fellow Malaysian feminist. And another queer serendipity moment was the 3 CS I applied to in Oviedo was the 3 people I met on the first night there, playing English scrabble with Spanish board together. The next day I walk around the town, did some marketing, and made dinner for these 3 lovely people. I was supposed to wake up early the next day for a 6 hours hike up the mountain with my host but I couldn’t bring myself to. He came back and got me envious from the photos he took. Then we went to a typical sidreria where the waiter pour cider like teh tarik, but just once, and then you’re supposed to finish what he poured in a go. Although it was only a quarter of the glass, I had to drink it in a few gulps  with some local tapas as intervals, including whelks, which was really yummy. I think I drank too fast and had to give up all my food and drinks in the toilet. First time drinking until I puke on this trip, hopefully the last.


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  1. anorwen
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 19:47:43

    Great photos!


  2. karm
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 07:53:36



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