Only witchcraft.

Thick wild vines curled around, the forest of hair folding me in. I reach out and stroke the vine, finger tracing the red line to its root. your face, the color of the moon. Each crater as it was meant to be, perfect in existence. My finger continue to glide across the moon, arriving at a deep cave that let out a note, a sigh, the sound of eternity. Or is it pleasure? Either way, I am happy to hear this note forever. Summoned by the call, all my fingers join in the ritualistic dance on the lips of the cave, then they spread to all the surface of this moon. The sound of eternity echoes from all corners of the universe. Who am I, a mere mortal, to resist, I never stood a chance and you know it. But dare I, shall I, raise my gaze to meet yours. As I lift my head, searching for your eyes, all I could see was bright dazzling light. Your eyes are the suns and it engulfed me in fire. Burning, I smile and declare I could love no other after I tasted your sorcery. After I tasted you. ‘Drown me in your witchcraft’, I requested, I demanded, I plead.


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