A short note on involving men in the struggle for gender equality

i don’t think it’s a sad fact [that women need men in the struggle agaist patriachy], it’s a fact that we live in a communal society (a fact that capitalist ignore) and the only way to live well together is to work well together. i think it’s natural to help each other in a community, the able to help the disable, i meant that not just as physical perspective but also the general access to social care/justice. all of us need help help at some points in our live [when we were young, sick, old and periods of financial victimisation], and the earlier we accept that we need each other, the less guilty we’d feel when we ask for help [and also more earnest when we give help]. similarly, women need men to gain gender equality, men too needs women to stand as equal for their own well being as part of the human community.

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