Hasta Luego Espana!

Last stop in Spain, where I had 3 different hosts, met up with Jamban again to continue on with the Euro trip and had a funky haircut by my host’s housemate. The last host I stayed with were actually Jamban’s host, they were all Italian girls who found a home here. We made spicy noodles and they made Italian pizza and we ate dinners at midnight. Me and Jamban also made chicken rice and we had to learn to gut a chicken from watching a youtube video. I must say we did pretty well, no sac of chicken excretion exploding everywhere and Jamban also managed to save liver and heart to eat with his rice. Barcelona to me felt smaller than Madrid, possibly because I was living with hosts whose place were quite central and I could walk to the town centre. Barcelona also boasted a beach in the city but it was very cold and windy when we strolled along it. There were also funny random conversations about eskimos that made me wondered how they make fire, do they only see all white stuff, if they do, how do you tell when the snow end and the polar bear begins? Also Jamban wondered how do they procreate in such cold weather, do they even take off any piece of clothing? Conversations like this is a talent of my good friend. Most of all, Barcelona was a time spent with amazing women who were deeply intuitive and spiritual, whom have welcomed me into their family and told me with a certainty that I will be back. After spending close to 2 months in Spain, I can only hope their prediction comes true.

photos from hereon will be more sporadic because i left the picture taking to the Jamban who was carrying 3 cameras. as to when and where will i see those photos though, will be a mystery to us all. 🙂


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